Great visual solutions speed up the pre-sale of a new development by 5 times!

Most of Liven Kinnisvara apartments were sold before the fieldwork was even completed!
How was this possible? Simple. At the planning stage, one of the first steps for Liven Kinnisvara was to order world-class visual solutions for their development!

Do you want the same result? Yellow Studio is here to help!

In order for you to get a better overview of what the creative process of visual solutions entails, we would like to show you how we prepared various and unique types of visuals for Liven Kinnisvara project, “Väike Tallinn” – 3D, video, and VR.

(information for the designer: the visuals are here:

Let’s Start at the Beginning:

To unambiguously understand the details, work processes, and goals of the project, we began this project with meetings. Together with representatives of Liven marketing department, architects, and interior designers, we discussed several important points that undergird our collaboration. Firstly, what kind of atmosphere should this project convey? What is the marketing concept? What are the main sales arguments of the project? And finally, what is the value package of potential buyers?

After this information was established, we put together source materials. This included basic information from an architect, interior designer, and landscape designer. Using this we could begin creating the most accurate visual image of the planned project. We then started work based on these completed terms of reference.

“3D visual solutions have already become so important and irreplaceable in real estate sales and marketing that it makes no sense to start without them. Since we want to sell our customers an honest solution and pass on what they buy as accurately as possible, while working on the project “Väike Tallinn”, we decided to order a complete solution from Yellow Studio – 3D images, videos, and a VR tour.”

Alina Kester

Alina from Liven

The 3D image of the interior and exterior allowed Liven’s clients a unique spatial view not just of the interior design of the rooms, but also the exterior of the building, the garden, and the surrounding objects.

(information for the designer: to the 3D visual here: and here:

What Did We Do?

  • We prepared the first preview in order to confirm the camera’s angles, the general architectural concepts, and the most important landscape design elements.
  • We prepared a coloured and textured preview to confirm the geometry of textures, colours, and materials with demo lighting.
  • We worked in close cooperation with Liven to implement various comments and suggestions.
  • We developed a preliminary version of the final view to ensure that Liven was completely satisfied with the final version and that everything was exactly as they wanted.
  • We completed the project and handed over a professional and cohesive body of work.
Without a 3D visual, the object will not be pre-sold.

CG animation

CG animation creates an even better image of the object – a hyper-realistic moving image adds spatiality, atmosphere, and mood. Importantly, it provides a realistic impression of how the unfinished project could potentially look.

One of Liven’s requests was an overview video solution of different apartments.

(Information for the designer: go to the visual here:

What Did We Do?

  • According to the initial task, we created a concept and plot scheme in which shots of the most important parts of the animation are in the form of an image.
  • Then the so-called full-length “raw” version was created to give Liven a better idea of how the film flows, the pace at which significant moments and transitions are being reached, and what the overall architectural concept looks like.
  • When the basic concept and visual solution were confirmed, we prepared the first preview with colour and textures.
  • This was followed by a phase of close cooperation with Liven on the amendments.
  • We created a low-resolution MP4 file for the final approval of the movie and for making the final amendments..
  • We presented the final video.
Do you too wish to have an awesome video of an unfinished building?

VR solution is the best purchase-decision accelerator in real estate marketing!

With regards to our processes of cooperation, Alina from Liven comments:

“In addition to the usual 3D, we definitely plan to put more emphasis on the VR side in future projects, and we will definitely use it in each of our subsequent projects. Since we found a common language and a pleasant rhythm of work with Yellow Studio fairly quickly, and they are incredibly flexible with suggestions for improvement and always open to change, I believe that our cooperation will continue fruitfully for a long time to come. All the more so because their solutions are always of a very high quality.”

What Did We Do?

  • We approved the scope of work, concept, terms of reference, and scenario with Liven.
  • We collected basic materials about various interior design solutions.
  • We prepared a framework as well as the first comprehensive display to confirm the elements of the general architectural concepts and landscaping.
  • In close cooperation with Liven, we incorporated slight changes to the starting angles and supplemented the original design.
  • We created a coloured and textured preview of all the finishing options and control unit functions. Alternative interior design solutions were completed.
  • The final display with detailed design elements was completed.
  • We handed over a package of data files ready for installation.

Liven wanted the client to get as accurate an overview of the object as possible, and also to be able to comfortably choose between different interior design elements and colours – the VR solution is ideal in these cases! The interactive environment allows the client to “play” with the proposed solutions, explore and change the nuances of interior architecture, and really get a feel for how living would be in such an apartment or house. Virtual reality creates a realistic environment for the customer and thus, considerably speeds up the customer’s purchase decision.

“Our policy when creating VR tours has been to be as honest as possible and to emphasise not so much the marketing image, but to show honestly where, for example, ventilation systems and other important background information are located, which does not accelerate sales but makes it much fairer. Also, people on the VR tour are much bolder in interior finishing options, because the feeling inside the apartment is quite different from looking at a 3D image.”

Alina Kester

Alina from Liven
Your future project also deserves a professional VR solution!

Precise preliminary work and close cooperation are the keys to a great result.

Outstanding and efficient work happens if both parties are fully committed to the project, the source materials are up-to-date, the goals are clear, and the information exchange is actionable – it is then that we can offer a solution that you and your client will love.

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