3D Area Plans

Emotional visualization of the modern apartments in Mezaparks

Riga, Latvia

Meza park apartments 3D render view from the road

This amazing apartment residence project gets most of its value from a unique location close to nature. Situated by the lake, next to the national park, this property offers another level of living.

Creating 3D visualizations we wanted to enhance the value of living close to nature. Stunning view on the lake, the natural wood finish of the facade yet contemporary design of the houses that offers modern lifestyle. The customer enthusiastically met our proposal to replace a bit boring loan in the yard to our version of garden. We’ve modeled wild, naturalistic style terrace-garden that perfectly fits surrounded nature.

Supporting the agenda of marketing and sales we have created visuals that are giving the sense of a happy life without being “too plastic”. We used a drone photo to montage 3D render houses with the best overview of the neighborhood. Being inspired and just for fun, we’ve played with light and sky on several photos to create mood photos that actually make the architecture look bold and dynamic.

Apartment residence terrace yard 3D visualization apartment residence in Riga 3D rendered view3D render apartment residence view with person 3d visualization and drone view photo montage3D apartment view from the football field