Alasi: CGI for property marketing campaign

Meanwhile, sociologist and scientist arguing whether urban gentrification is good or bad for the society we see a good impact of Tallinn’s changing cityscape where new development brings lifestyle to another level. 

This project is made for the new district that arises in the old industrial part of the city, which however have benefits of beautiful greenery and seacoast in the walking distance. 

The idea of the residence is a nice relaxing place for quality recharge. Nice outdoor facilities with an urban garden and cosy yard will definitely set new standards for the neighbourhood.  

We were excited to create renders for this real estate development project. This was a really pleasant cooperation experience with a real estate developer – a rare and happy moment when our vision and taste were perfectly matched. We wanted to have super realistic images that are a bit moody and we are happy that the trend for property marketing goes this way too.  Enjoy!