Architectural Visualization for Contemporary Property in Historic Kalamaja

A new property is set to rise in the heart of Tallinn, offering a blend of modern living and historic charm.

Situated at the border between the old town and the vibrant Kalamaja district, this property holds a prime location next to the central train station, the main market, and the Art Academy building. The architectural design, featuring three distinct sections, ensures a seamless integration with the surroundings, presenting a modern design that complements a diverse  historic environment. Each section is designed to create a harmonious visual appeal. The ground floor is dedicated to transforming the public space into a dynamic high street with an array of shops and businesses. This strategic urban planning adds a vibrant touch to the property’s surroundings.

Yellow Studio was commissioned to showcase the yet-to-be-built property through photorealistic renders by highlighting the benefits for potential buyers. These include breathtaking surroundings, proximity to the city center, a vibrant urban atmosphere, and excellent commuting options. The backyard provides a serene retreat for outdoor activities, while the front facade hosts an array of shops and cafes, creating a dynamic and inviting street scene.

In addition to showcasing the property’s advantages we focused on the architectural design itself and via 3D visualization brought to life the contemporary and stylish design of the building, emphasizing its seamless integration into the historic context.