CGI: Newbie in the hood

Kalamaja is a cosy and green district and the most dynamic neighbourhood of Tallinn. It’s a living area with a history of an industrial zone and famous for its colourful clapboard houses, which used to accommodate the neighbourhood’s factory workers. Now, most of the industrial buildings are turned into cafes, shops and galleries. The development of residential real estate in Kalamaja on the growing phase. Since it’s a historical part the new building’s architecture required to match with old wooden buildings but also to bring novelty of the modern urban design.

Vabriku residential complex is a good example of this trend. Matching the overall vibe of the area, it has its character and modern architectural touch. In collaboration with architectural bureau and real estate agency, we created these property visualization for the residential marketing campaign. The aim was to make it realistic and simple yet to be accepted by the community by using locally well known and recognizable symbols. Property CGI is a crucial sales tool for future housing developments, and even simple-looking pictures require a lot of research in many aspects, including local subculture and maybe even neighbourhood legends.