Pirita TOP: brutalist landmark’s redevelopment

Yellow Studio got a chance to work on visuals of already existent and remarkable Tallinn’s Brutalist architectural landmarks – Pirita TOP.

 Constructed in the late 70’s and opened in 1980, it was originally known as the Tallinn Olympic Yachting Center, designed to host sailing events during the Olympics. The building is a part of The Olympic Village that served as the accommodation for the athletes during their time in the city.

The architectural design of Pirita TOP was the work of architects Henno Sepmann, Peep Jänes, Ants Raid, and Avo-Himm Looveer. Since 1997, this architectural ensemble has been recognized as a protected architectural heritage site in Estonia, preserving its historical and cultural significance. For decades, the building was home to a hotel and Spa, along with several sports clubs and restaurants.

Now it is under redevelopment to an apartment hotel that will offer a unique blend of accommodation, leisure and sport facilities, along with dining options. That is required to be readapted to the modern requirements carefully without ruining heritage and retaining it’s original architectural design.   

With these visualizations we wanted to exhibit distinctive characteristics of the Brutalist architectural style featuring robust concrete structures and angular forms without sacrificing CG images’ commercial purpose. Its imposing presence and monolithic appearance contributes to the visual impact of the surrounding area and embraces a utilitarian approach.