Showcase: Renovated Wooden House in Pärnu

Our latest 3D visualization project—a beautifully renovated wooden house in Pärnu, Estonia—highlights our expertise in architectural visualization, demonstrating how modern techniques can breathe new life into historical structures.

A property developer has restored this renowned architectural gem, a historic wooden villa that once served as a summer residence for prominent figures like Päts and Laidoner, transforming it into luxurious summer apartments. Situated just a few hundred meters from the sea, this property had stood vacant for nearly 15 years.

Using 3D rendering techniques, we recreated every architectural detail of the wooden house. From the texture of the wooden panels to the design of the windows and doors, our visualizations provide a realistic representation of the renovated property.

This project underscores the importance of preserving historical buildings while adapting them to contemporary living standards. The renovated wooden house in Pärnu stands as a living example of this philosophy, blending historical charm with modern comforts.

Photo realistic rendering allows viewers to see all the details and understand the potential and functionality of the renovation by showcasing the updated facades and landscaped surroundings. This case shows that even for already-built properties, rendering can help present the new vision to future property buyers and investors in the early stages of construction and renovation works.

3D visualization and rendering services play a crucial role in architectural projects. They allow stakeholders to visualize the outcome, ensuring design accuracy and enhancing communication.