VEMU: Museum of Estonians Abroad in Toronto

VEMU (Museum of Estonians Abroad) is an organization that brings together the archives and libraries of Canadian Estonians at Tartu College in downtown Toronto. It’s a cultural center – a monument to the expatriate Estonian community, that will soon be built here.

The knowledge of Estonians living abroad that has been collected over the decades has become an archive – collections of books, archives, photographs, audio, film and art from Estonians all over the world: Canada, Sweden, Australia, the United States. 

VEMU will be the only place in the world where all the history of Abroad Estonians is gathered in one place. The new building is the work of Canadian-Estonian architects Alar Kongats Architects. 

The exhibition space concept design was created by Bob&Doko and Velvet and dedicated to an exhibition entitled “Soulscapes” which creates a picture of the feelings, experiences, memories and history that unite all Estonians. “Soulscapes” is an exhibition of knowledge that explores new connections and fascinating facts.

In this project Yellow Studios aim was to show the unique atmosphere of the exhibition and, with the help of renderings, to create an engagement with the place that carries an emotional and educational message. 

The design of the halls is built using non-obvious outlines and contours with combinations of different textures that are shown on CGI. Showing the space and richness of the exhibition material we build the composition of the visualization as aesthetically and informatively as possible. By cherishing the heritage and boldly showing the art and achievements that Estonians can be proud of.