Vertical Campus: Merging Education and Business Innovation in the City Centre

In the very heart of Tallinn, a new project is unfolding—a 30-story multifunctional high-rise building, merged with the existing building of the Estonian Business School to form a campus and new landscape development. The architecture of the building has been designed with the principles of sustainability in mind throughout its entire lifecycle. The conceptual approach to landscape design emphasizes the creation of a pedestrian-friendly street environment, complete with accessibility features for people with disabilities, quality materials, good lighting, and functional spaces for public interaction.

The goal of the developing campus is to create a hub that offers opportunities for entrepreneurship and learning for individuals involved in business and business education. Most of the lecturers’ rooms in the current EBS (Estonian Business School) building will remain in the existing schoolhouse. The new construction will add rooms suitable for teamwork, quiet study areas, high-technology classrooms, and spaces for events. The part of the building dedicated to entrepreneurship will include a business accelerator and an office-hotel aimed at becoming a hub for startups. The building complex is also slated to include eateries, a gym, a rooftop garden, and 140 apartments, each with a private balcony offering a magnificent view of Tallinn.

Working on this visualization project, our main goal was to give the visuals and previews an ‘academic’ look. Artists at Yellow Studios paid special attention to bringing a dynamic atmosphere and movement vibe, with a clear presentation, showcasing modern architecture and its sustainable concept through the visualization of minimalist design.