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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video creates emotion and genuine feelings.

A video of an upcoming project can speak to your client’s heart, which makes closing the sales deal much easier.

With an engaging video, you can invite your client to tour the house, where they can see both the interior and the exterior of the building. They can gad about the corridors, peek through the doors, explore the different rooms, enjoy the views from the windows, have a closer look at interior details, and wander around the garden or nearby park.

You can direct your client’s attention to anything you choose. A video will speak to their emotions and create a feeling that what they are looking at, is already there.

A video offers a myriad of opportunities. We can produce a brief virtual tour or a mini feature film with a gripping storyline. With today’s technical possibilities, we can create visual solutions that seem extremely real,  out of just about nothing.
Did you know that many Hollywood films that seem very realistic have been “filmed” in places that do not exist or they show things that are not there – e.g., the famous nose of Voldemort in the Harry Potter series is a clear-cut CG animation. A great video designer can create a world that is not very different to real life.
Today’s graphic design technology has such high quality that it is often impossible to say whether an image has been filmed by an actual camera or created in the studio.

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Examples of our work:

A video makes it possible to show imagined objects, combined with imagined events, and thus creates a powerful visual experience that speaks to the hopes and dreams of your client.

Find the way to your client’s heart and capture their attention with a concise and catchy video. Contact us today!

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