Comprehensive solution

Order a comprehensive solution for real estate marketing

High-quality visuals alone do not guarantee successful sales and marketing of your real estate development project. To ensure successful sales, you will also need a good landing page that focuses solely on selling the particular project.

Next to real estate rendering and animation, we offer a comprehensive digital marketing and sales solution that guarantees the unity and professionalism of all your marketing messages.
A complete visual solution for your upcoming real estate project conveys your message clearly and concisely. A carefully constructed harmonious and unique visual identity considerably accelerates and simplifies selling and marketing your real estate.

Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • A landing page for the sales of your real estate project
  • A CVI – corporate visual identity for the object/project: the logo, colours and fonts you can use in digital marketing, print materials, banners, etc.
  • Real estate rendering, animation and VR tours that present your upcoming project in the best possible way.

I’m interested in a more detailed consultation

Homepage or landing page?

Your homepage is like a database that includes all the information about your company. A landing page is an additional page designed with a specific goal in mind – sales of a concrete project. While the conversion rate of a typical homepage is 2%, it is 9,7% for landing pages. A well-constructed landing page may even convert 20-60% of visitors into customers!

We will help you tailor a trendy, effective and high-conversion landing page for your project.

A landing page for your real estate project:

  • boosts and simplifies your sales and marketing activities
  • is programmed according to the latest visual and technical standards
  • is compatible with all devices (phone, tablet, browser)
  • works flawlessly in different browsers
  • is programmed to be SEO-friendly
  • has a high-conversion structure
  • is designed with the client persona in mind
  • harmonises with the overall visual context of your company
  • is integrated with a statistics interface (Google Analytics)

This is how we do it

We will program the landing page in WordPress. Based on your wishes and the materials you have given us, we will tailor a trendy, user friendly and technically impeccable environment. The process includes the classic steps of creating a website – design, content creation, photo and image processing, optimisation, programming – HTML, CSS, a responsive layout (for mobile and tablet), integration of a statistics interface etc.

Examples of our work:

And this is not all

If you need more than a landing page, we will be happy to design a professional and attractive website for your company.

Tell us what you have in mind and we will find the best possible solution for you!

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