VR (virtual reality)

A positive experience is the most powerful selling point

VR (or virtual reality) adds a new dimension to your real estate presentation and it will make sales easier and faster.

A VR tour is an incredible sales argument, as it allows the client to really feel, and take part, in the experience.
Virtual reality enables the customer to become part of the environment and really sense what it would feel like to live in the house or apartment that is being presented.
We will design an environment that feels almost as real as being physically present in the space. The client can walk around the building as if it were completed. They can wander through the building or apartment, peek into different rooms, and take time to compare and analyse them. It is possible to have a closer look at textures, see how colours look in different lighting conditions, and inspect the interior from different angles. The client may also want to take the role of an interior designer and in this case, it is possible for them to easily change the wallpaper or re-arrange the furniture with just a few clicks.
VR is a quick, easy and resource-efficient way to find the perfect solution for a client, and this makes closing a sales deal much easier.

Dental Clinic VR by Yellow Studio

VR is the latest trend in real estate sales. It is the king of visualisation and it creates the impression of a real experience that may leave viewers speechless.  
On an emotional level, a virtual tour creates a strong bond between the customer and the object, which makes it very difficult for them to say “no” when making a purchase decision.

Examples of our work:

Grab the customer’s full attention and order a VR tour for your real estate object!

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