Riga Residential Property 3D Visualization

Here is the project we started during the lockdown. The aim was to create CGI for the new reality of a district that was built over 100 years ago in the city of Riga, Latvia. To give new ambience to the existing district, we wanted to fit in upcoming property renderings without breaking the charm of the architectural surroundings.

The customers’ wish was to show more of the historical area in their property marketing campaign, so recreating existing buildings was a big part of the 3D visualization work.

With such a detailed scene, we were able to play with different view angles, scenes, and moods with the typical Baltic weather.

Mostly, we used the studio’s library standard assets; some of the materials were recreated with the procedure to give a realistic touch to the surfaces. We also applied the #railclone plugin for regular structures such as windows, balconies, posts, etc.

Although these visualizations were created during the lockdown with the property in another country, the work process wasn’’t that different from our regular flow, as in most cases, we work with customers remotely via digital communication. Street views were studied via Google Maps and Instagram location tag explore to adapt to local people’’s perception of the area.

Below are the Google Street Views we used for building the scene and color harmonies. The tram is a bit modified compared to the actual tram in Riga.